Bike hangouts with fire

Hi (火) means “Fire”
and ASOBI (遊) means “Play” in Japanese.
We call it ‘Hi-Asobi Bike Tour’


Why not join us to experience
something new in Kyoto?
Let's join us and have some extraordinary
experiences while you are in Kyoto.


Why campfire in Kyoto?

You will come to Kyoto with great expectations but what if the expectation was not what you had before you come to Japan?
Such as full of people wherever you go, poor hospitality, costs you money at every temples you enter, no idea where to go because of lack of information you can get when you are in Japan.
You will have no idea how full of nature Kyoto has.
What if nature is right there and if you can forget your daily life.
THE GOOD DAY VELO will give you unforgettable experience in Kyoto by biking and doing campfire.
Just relax and bike hangouts as if you were in your country with your family and loved ones.



We will prepare everything together such as setting fire, cooking and clearing up things.
As for groceries, we will stop by at local supermarket to buy some groceries (meat or lamb or veritables).
Expenses of groceries are not included in the tour but we will split the bills.



We will stop by some historical and touristic spots before the campfire site so that you will be able to feel and enjoy Kyoto’s atmosphere.
The tour will be 20km for going and coming back.
If guests do not need to go touristic places, they can go to campfire site directly, then there will be more time for the campfire fire.

The tour will be private.
We will cook what to eat together by using fire and firewoods.
The minimum participants 2
The maximum participants 4


After lunch we will burn marshmallows and have a nice cup of fresh coffee.

The gears we will use for the tour

  • SOLOSTOVE : Campfire and Ranger
  • SOLOSTOVE : Roasting sticks
  • YOKA : Low table
  • YOKA : Folding shelf
  • Helinox : Tactical chair
  • Helinox : Tactical table
  • Oregonian Camper : Coffee maker
  • Husqvarna : Hatchet
  • snow peak : Taitaniummug
  • Soto : Gas torch
  • LOGDE : Skillets

How to carry these staffs?

A cargo bike Xtracycle Edgerunner, will be the best partner.



The period of the event
From Dec. 11 to Mar. 14
Start time
Where to meet
THE GOOD DAY VELO or Yase station
Price per person
¥19,800 (2 people)
¥18,700 (3 people or more)

If you go to the spot directly, the meeting time will be 11:30.
Including:Tour guide, bikes, campfire gears, firewoods, coffee, food, marshmallows or roasted sweet potato.
Please understand that one of the guests will ride the cargo bike to carry gears.
When you come back to the shop, you will have a nice Japanese craft beer.

Please contact us using the inquiry form or Instagram by 6 pm the day before, if you would like to join us.



If you have any difficulties of riding a bike for a long distance, it will be possible for us to meet you up at the spot where we will have a campfire and you will be able to go to your hotels directly from there.
The expenses of train from Demachiyanagi station to Yase station is included in the tour.

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